We inspect everything from vehicles with rodent issues to several thousand acre sites with javelina challenges. We always perform a thorough inspection, inside and out. With our expertise regarding wildlife habits, we know where to look and what to look for. We work with homeowners as well as remodelers, builders, and general contractors during the construction phase to ensure a structure is critter proof right from the start. We also perform home sale critter inspections. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, call us to inspect your property to ensure a smooth real estate transaction. We will perform a thorough inspection of the property and home to ensure there are no critter “surprises” that could derail the sale.


Sometimes removal is the best option. While we specialize in wildlife, we can trap just about anything. Over the years we have trapped escaped pet hamsters, loose chickens and roosters, injured strays and even a few peacocks! Wildlife is trapped in a non-lethal trap and transported to an appropriate relocation point. Non-native species like roof rats and pigeons MUST be euthanized, however, all native wildlife is relocated to a location that is suitable for the animal. Patrick Wildlife Services submits annual reports to The Arizona Game and Fish Department listing all wildlife that has been transported or relocated by the company. We also work closely with local wildlife sanctuary’s like Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in the case of javelina herds and any injured wildlife.


We can step in when all others have failed. We are the experts because we find what everyone else misses. Whether it’s a mystery noise in the attic that no one can solve or a smart coyote that loves your pets but can’t be caught, we are here to solve the most challenging wildlife issues. Patrick Wildlife Services can assist builders and engineers in maintaining a critter free structure along with coaching homeowners on the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to wildlife on our properties. We can educate residents and staff in multi-family residential and care facilities to help prevent with wildlife encounters. We also work with HOA’s and management companies when wildlife issues are a problem for everyone, not just one homeowner. Call us today to discuss any “unique” challenges you may have and we will develop the best approach.


When it comes to critters and structures, the only permanent solution is exclusion. This refers to the process of closing up every single possible entry point that critters will use to gain entry into your home or business. We use the outside “shell” of the structure as the line to keep critters completely out. At Patrick Wildlife Services we understand the tenacity and strength of critters like no one else and we use this knowledge to insure we always use the appropriate materials and that they are fastened in such a way as to always prevent critters from “tearing” their way back in. Our combination of wildlife and building knowledge allow Patrick Wildlife Services to always keep them out.


With animals it is almost NEVER a one-time occurrence. Animals will follow residual scent trails for years, which means new critters tend to end up back at your place after the initial issue is addressed. At Patrick Wildlife Services we understand the need for assistance after the initial trouble is dealt with. Sometimes that means periodic inspections to assess the animal population, and other times constant control and monitoring are necessary. The experts at Patrick Wildlife Services will create the exact maintenance program for your unwanted animal encounters.

Site Evaluations

A common question we receive is “where are all of these animals coming from?” Let Patrick Wildlife Services evaluate your property and we will answer that question for you, correctly. Most of the time, the animals were there first, but there are also many things that humans do to increase animal activity. Patrick Wildlife Services understands wildlife like no one else in the industry and we use this knowledge to identify animal “travel corridors’, feeding and bedding sights. We then implement the correct strategies to lessen the animal activity and strive to find that perfect human/wildlife balance.


The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly applicable when it comes to wildlife concerns. The best time to address an animal in your attic is BEFORE it happens. Insuring that all potential entry points are closed tightly before the animals find them is always the best approach. Patrick Wildlife Services can help you with all aspects of wildlife prevention; sealing your home, installing coyote roller to protect your pets, and yard exclusion techniques to keep the critters out of your yard. Call Patrick Wildlife Services today to discuss the right approach to keep you and your pets safe and happy.


Let’s face it, sometimes animals just don’t work on our schedule. A wild animal, inside your living space, is a legitimate emergency call and Patrick Wildlife Services is on call to assist you in these rare and frightening instances. Whether it’s a king snake in the kitchen or a bat in your bedroom, we can handle it all.